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28 October

10.00 Opening and keynotes
Chaired by Tommi Arola, buildingSMART Finland

10.00 Opening of Hospital BIM Open 2020

10.30 KEYNOTE: Information - the one true asset to rule them all!
Emma Hooper, Digital Information Specialist, Bond Bryan Digital

11.00 KEYNOTE: The digital twin survival guide - hospital operations special edition
Kevin Bauer, Portfoliomanager BIM & Digital Twin, Europe, Siemens


Reguirement Management

Chaired by Hanna Petäjä, Turku Unirvesity Hospital (Tyks)

12.00 BIM tender procedures of healthcare projects in Germany - National frameworks and approaches for the successful implementation of Open BIM processes
Robin Schönbach, Leibniz Universität Hannover

12.30 Requirement Management Processes
Johannes Aho, Manuel Furlotti, Gravicon


Virtual Reality

Sponsored by NCC
Chaired by Gustav Olsson, NCC

12.00 Digital construction of hospitals: evaluating the enduser experience through open BIM and VR systems
Prof. Silvia Mastrolembo Ventura, University of Brescia

12.30 How BIM and VR are critical in helping reduce risk & guarantee delivery of best quality and economically efficient healthcare in years to come.
Kasey Snyder, Tridify LImited


Asset Management

Chaired by Tarja Mäkeläinen, VTT

14.00 BIM - CAFM integration in the hospital environment. The experience of the collaborative laboratory of the University of Florence in the Polo Universitario Ospedaliero di Careggi in Florence.
Prof. Luca Marzi, University of Florence

14.30 Hospital guidance for all stakeholders
Merja Taipaleenmäki, Citynomadi Ltd


Digital Twin

Chaired by Carl Sirén, HUS

14.00 Digital Twin cases in real life: Challenges and how they have been solved
Jim Nyroos, Cadmatic

14.30 The Philosophy of Digital Twin – Enabling User-Centric and Sustainable Healthcare and Hospital Facilities
Jarkko Männistö, Sitowise


Digital Twin 2

Sponsored by Granlund
Chaired by Tero Järvinen, Granlund

15.30 Towards the perfect digital twin
Panu Pitkänen, Platform of Trust

16.00 The University Hospital RWTH Aachen. Towards BIM capturing and a continuous Digital Twin of a large protected heritage structure as a process
Prof. Christian Raabe, Prof. Sabine Brück, Prof. Jakob Beetz, RWTH Aachen University


Keynote Session

Chaired by Tommi Arola, buildingSMART Finland

17.00 KEYNOTE Atul Khanzode
PhD, Chief Technology Officer & Member of Management Committee, DPR Construction, Redwood City, CA, USA, Board Member, WND Ventures


17.30 Closing of  day 1



29 October

10.00 Opening and keynotes

10.05 KEYNOTE Case Hospital NOVA, Jyväskylä Finland
Max Levander, Director, BIM & Digi Center, Ramboll Finland Ltd
Esa Ikäheimonen, Project Director, Ramboll Finland Ltd

10.35 KEYNOTE Utilising Digitalisation in Participatory Functional Planning - Case Turku University Hospital
Hanna Petäjä Hospital Planner, Master of Health Care, RN
Annika Lindblom, Hospital Planner, RN


Design Management

Chaired by Ari Törrönen, NCC

11.30 A faster, safer, and more efficient way to design and build health care facilities
Simo Hakkarainen, Tero Ollikainen, Peikko Group

12.00 Early Phase MEP Design
Pauli Keinonen, MagiCAD Group

12.30 Using BIM in evaluation process of evacuation safety of health care units
Timo Lehtoviita, Jarno Rautiainen, LAB University of Applied Sciences


Case Studies

Chaired by Minna Alhonen, A-Insinöörit

11.30 OYS2030, World's most intelligent hospital (Oulu university hospital)
Pekka Jokela, Hannu-Pekka Hirvelä, NCC

12.00 The Design of the Zealand University Hospital in Køge, Denmark
Giovanni Romiti, Politecnica Ingegneria ed Architettura S.C.

12.30 MEP Design and Alliance in Kuopio University Hospital Project Uusi Sydän 2025
Marko Sutinen, Granlund Kuopio Oy

13.00 Design workshops with hospital employees - an innovative way of designing health care facilities using BIM technology
Maciej Matlok, Iplusmed.eu, Włodzimierz Werochowski, Industria Project


Design Management 2

Chaired by Anna-Riitta Kallinen, buildingSMART Finland / ARKCON

14.00 BIM Centric Hospital Design the AW2 Way
Tony Fitzpatrick, AW2 - Architecture Workshop Finland Limited

14.30 Design Thinking to avoid the risk of bullshit in – bullshit out.
Dr. Christophe Vetterli, walkerproject ag

15.00 Standardized information management in BIM-models within hospital projects at NCC
Lavinius Arva, NCC


Advanced technologies 1

Chaired by Manuel Furlotti, Gravicon

14.00 Will digital be able to transform the health sector as well?
Prof. Anna Osello, Politecnico di Torino

14.30 Integration between Building Energy Modeling (BEM) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) to improve the cost effectiveness and energy performance of healthcare design.
Marie-France Stendahl, Lund University and White
Architects, Alejandro Pacheco, White Architects

15.00 Social BIM – a BIM-based coordination tool for human interaction and participation
Claudio Schifanella, University of Turin

Advanced technologies 2

Chaired by Jyrki Maalahti, YIT

16.00 Virtual reality and thermal comfort studies supporting design in hospital
Esa Nykänen, VTT

16.30 Rapid Building Reconvertion Based on Mobile Mappin System (MMS), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Building Information Modelling (BIM)
Dr. Fabrizio Banfi, Politecnico di Milano, Milan


17.00 Closing of the Hospital BIM Open 2020
Chaired by Tomi Henttinen, BuildingSMART Finland


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