Fans of digital infrastructure and openBIM – 5th InfraBIM Open will be organized in Tampere, Finland.

We’d like to welcome you to the most unique open BIM event in the world.


The construction sector is undergoing a massive change in applying different digital capabilities into built environment. The digital way of design and the whole life cycle asset management are deforming the whole construction process and last but not least the end user is in the middle of design process.


The whole built environment is in the middle of a dozen demands: environmental efficiency, the free flow of data, the cost efficiency and the more demanding end-user requirements. Today the infrastructures act as a platform of daily operations and pave the way to exciting opportunities while increasing the interconnection to digital infrastructures such as 5G. This opens up a totally great opportunity for the BIM related expertise.

First InfraBIM Open in 2018 brought already together 400 participants. In 2019 we had 530 participants and in 2020 nearly 600 experts from 32 countries joined! The world had been waiting for this conference series! In 2022 the event was organized for the first time outside Finland when Lyon hosted the conference.

In 2023 it is time to return to Tampere, Finland and we are determined to make the conference experience even better than with the previous editions!

2023 conference will be organized party hybrid, meaning that the main focus will be on physical event but some parts of the programme will be also streamed.

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More information about the event will be published during the spring 2022

We want open BIM to be for all!

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