"BIM to Twin – Building the Readiness for Metaverse Experiences"

Salla Eckhardt
Director of Digital Building Lifecycle and Innovation

I identify myself as an innovation leader and an industry change agent specialized in the digital building lifecycle. My strategy is to unify a clear vision around the Digital Building Lifecycle framework: consolidating the physical, social, and digital environments as a data centric entity, and empowering the end-user experiences with emerging technologies. I have built my competence to achieve goals for real estate and security vision by becoming the strategist and the developer of solutions. As my foundation, I have a Master of Science degree in Architecture with 20 years of practical experience in working in the full spectrum on the built environment industry, collaborating with senior management teams in the academia and in the industry.



Stine Undrum
Excecutive Vice President – Infrastructure construction division
Bane NOR

As Vice President and responsible for Infrastructure Construction Division at Bane NOR, I am responsible for all investment projects within railways and our portfolio of NOK 260 billion. We must deliver predictably, both when it comes to price and time. This means that we must develop the projects through good and optimal systems, with the help of good management and expertise. It is a large and exciting portfolio that we carry out as a pure builder's organization through contracts with contractors, advisers and suppliers.

But first and foremost, my goal is to maintain the pressure on safety - make sure we get everyone home safely. 
I am fascinated by the interaction between people, utilizing the unique skills of each one. What is impossible to achieve for individuals is possible for a team. Together we can make a difference. We will make the impossible possible

As my foundation, I have a Masterdegree in building, construction area and management from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. I am an experienced leader of projectmanagement, have strong professional skills in Contract Management, Risk Management, Engineering, Business Process Improvement and Organizational Development and through my carrer I have been responsible for projects in the transportation/railroad industry for Engineering companies, as a contractor.


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