Tuesday June 4, 2019

Congress Day 1 (In English)

Printable pdf programme can be downloaded here

8.00 Registration opens


8.45 Opening words

Jyrki Laurikainen
LCI Finland


9.00 Keynote 1

Moderator: Jyrki Laurikainen, LCI Finland

"Employee’s Guide to Success – Improve with Lean!"
Dan Blücher

Lean Management Coach & Trainer, Part Development AB

Dan Blücher works with coaching and leading organizations in their change and improvement work. He has extensive experience of Lean and leadership in administration, healthcare, local government, manufacturing, product development and Service

Dan has worked with Lean and business development since 1988 in many different sectors and industries. Among other roles, he has worked as a researcher and consultant as well as a Lean manufacturing expert in the medical technology company Gambro. Dan has also been active with the Lean Forum in Sweden, including a term as its chairman.

9.45 Keynote 2

Moderator: Jyrki Laurikainen, LCI Finland

“The Sutter Way: Key Principles of Project Success from the Groundbreaking Healthcare Owner”
Digby Christian

Director of Integrated Lean Project Delivery, Sutter Health

Digby Christian is currently the Director of Integrated Lean Project Delivery at Sutter Health in the Facility and Property Services group. His primary responsibilities are the development of an Expedited Project Delivery service line and the broadening and deepening our group’s expertise in integrated lean project delivery.

At Sutter Health he is fortunate to be in an Owner’s organization that is changing the way the AEC community looks at risk, at contracts, at establishing value, at work planning, at process flows, and at team and trust building in order to create an overall delivery model that supports successful outcomes.

He is the point person for Sutter Health’s engagement with the Lean Construction Institute (LCI), and the Large Owners Group (LOG) both of which are as committed as Sutter to transforming our industry.

10.30 Break


11.00 Keynote 3

Moderator: Miimu Airaksinen, RIL 

"Optimizing Prefabrication with Lean"
Jessica Kelley

Operational Excellence Manager, Southland Industries

Hear how a US-Based/Geographically Diverse MEP trade partner applies lean principles to drive prefabrication success and how Integrated Project Delivery models enable deeper application and greater opportunities internally and across the project team. Learn our approaches to developing our people and sharing learnings that can be applicable in any organization.


11.45 Lunch


12.45 Parallel session A - Prefabrication

Moderator: Antti Peltokorpi, Aalto University

Phil Langley
Architect and Board Director, Bryden Wood
Phil is an Architect and Board Director at Bryden Wood and leads the ‘Creative Technologies' team’ at Bryden Wood which brings together different strands of BIM and computational design including algorithmic design + simulation, connected tech, mixed reality environments, big data analytics and robotics + digital manufacture. This group is focused on developing innovative new approaches to digital technology that can be used by the design and delivery teams as well as clients and end-users.

Jami Cresser-Brown
Director, Bryden Wood
Jami leads the ‘Central Logic’ approach at Bryden Wood, and her work sits at the intersection between Architecture, Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) and Digital Innovation.

Jami’s simultaneous involvement with our Systemisation, Creative Technologies and Integrated Design teams allows her to straddle the virtual and real worlds, and to push the boundaries of traditional architectural design. She delivers solutions that combine cutting edge approaches to DfMA with digital technology for both public and private sector clients alike, (particularly within the residential and education sectors.)

Antti Peltokorpi
Assistant Professor, Aalto University

Mikael Sokolnicki
Head of Inoroom Business, Inoroom


12.45 Parallel session B - Smart Site

Moderator: Otto Alhava, Fira Oy

Yves de Beauregard
EMEIA Head of Digital Business Solutions, Fujitsu Global

Lars Kristian Hunn
Chief Transformation Officer, AF Gruppen

Olli Seppänen
Professor of Practice, Aalto University

Otto Alhava
CTO, Fira Oy


14.00 Break and Exhibition


14.15 Keynote 4

Moderator: Lauri Merikallio, Vison Oy

"Introduction of Lean Construction and a Process System as a strategic approach"
Kevin Mattiszik

Geschäftsführer, BAUWENS Construction GmbH & Co. KG


15.00 Coffee and exhibition


15.30 Parallel session C - Lean Strategy

Moderator: Olli Seppänen, Aalto University

Digby Christian
Director of Integrated Lean Project Delivery, Sutter Health

Jessica Kelley
Operational Excellence Manager, Southland Industries

Jyrki Keinänen



15.30 Parallel session D - Lean in infrastructure construction

Moderator: Jani Saarinen, Vison Oy

Wiebe Nijdam
Initiator workmethods replacement & renovation, Ministry of infrastructure and watermanagent

Pekka Petäjäniemi
Division Director, Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency


17.00 Keynote 5

Moderator: Helena Soimakallio, Technology Industries Federation of Finland

"Integration of takt in the Last Planner System on Site"
Katrin Pichler

Closing words 

Helena Soimakallio
Executive Director, Sustainable Development, Technology Industries Federation of Finland

17.45 - 18.45 Cocktails and Exhibition

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