About the conference

The world is becoming increasingly urbanised. Global material use is expected to more than double by 2060, and the materials used in the building and construction sector will comprise a third of this rise. Greenhouse gas emissions will also increase because of material use.

Economic growth in construction and utilities is expected to increase by over 2,5 times between 2011 and 2060. Based on current trends, it is estimated that the total waste generated in the world will double from nearly 2 billion tonnes in 2016 to about 4 billion tonnes by 2050.

Such trends call for an urgent questioning of current ways of planning, developing and operating built environments. Present practices are often still locked into linear ways of extracting nature’s resources and producing waste. It is exigent to consider alternative approaches through which mitigation and adaptation goals may be achieved simultaneously while supporting sustainable businesses. Circular approaches present viable alternatives to underpin the transition to a decarbonised world while at the same time meeting the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 


SBE22 Helsinki Conference on emerging concepts for sustainable built environment presents novel concepts on inclusive and resilient cities, circular neighbourhoods, responsibly sourced materials, construction value chain and calls for new skills and new businesses. The Conference provides Special tracks for focused workshops and tackling relevant challenges.

Conference themes


1. Inclusive and Resilient Cities SDG11
•    participatory approaches
•    resource efficiency
•    post Covid solutions


2. Circular Neighbourhoods SDG9
•    nature based solutions
•    biodiversity
•    monitoring



3. Responsibly sourced materials SDG7
•    embodied carbon
•    material/building passports
•    digital marketplace



4. Construction value chain SDG12
•    sustainable consumption and production
•    procurement
•    business models


5. New Skills and New Businesses SDG8
•    financing
•    job creation
•    frugal innovation



Special tracks SDG13
•    workshops
•    challenges

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