Main financiers:

The Finnish Transport Agency
The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Ministry of Education and Culture
The Ministry of the Environment


Other financiers:

The Association of Finnish Architects' Offices (ATL)
Finnish Façade Association
The Real Estate Employers
The Association of Finnish Construction Engineers and Architects RIA
The Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT (CFCI)
The Building Information Foundation RTS sr
RAKLI - The Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients
Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA)
The Finnish Real Estate Management Federation
The Finnish Real Estate Federation (FREF)
The Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities
Finnish Home Owners’ Association
Finnish Association of Civil Engineers RIL
Finnish Road Association
Finnish Water Utilities Association (FIWA)
The Finnish Association of Consulting Firms SKOL
The Electrical Contractors´ Association of Finland STUL
Finnish Association of Building Services Industries (FABSI)
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd
The Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo