Property Management Provides the Steps to Success: Built Environment as Pride of Municipalities

Municipalities possess a significant amount of built environment. They are also responsible for several public regulatory and service tasks related to the built environment. As a whole, the decisions made and the measures carried out in municipalities have a significant effect on what the living environments of citizens and operating environments of companies come to be like. The regional government reform in progress enables directing more municipal resources to the built environment than before, which will give municipalities new vitality and improve their competitiveness.

Road Map to Welfare and Appeal

Municipalities must recognize the potential of their built environment better than they currently do. The goal should be that the built environment serves as the foundation for the success and identity of the municipality. In order to reach this objective, every municipality should strive to take the following steps:
1.    Investigating the built environment and its condition.
2.    Ensuring the organization of built environment management.
3.    Determining the objectives and other strategic guidelines for the long-term development of the built environment.
4.    Devising a plan concerning the development of property. The plan should define the required priorities, measures and resources.
5.    Cooperating in an active and structured manner and boldly utilizing the benefits and opportunities offered by digital solutions and creative design, as well as research, development, and innovation.