RS2016 Symposium

7th International Symposium on In-Situ Rock Stress
May 10-12, 2016 Tampere, Finland


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Best paper and best young engineer paper (under 35 years) will be selected. Winners will be announced in the closing session.

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The Desirable And Undesirable Effects On Stress Reconstruction Using The Deformation Rate Analysis (DRA)
Ariel Hsieh, Phil Dight

In Situ Measurements Of Stress Related Elastic Modulus Variation Using The ANZI Strain Cell
Ken Mills, Winton Gale

The Study Of Stress Determination And Back Calculation In The Canadian Shield
Phil Dight, Ariel Hsieh

A Strategy To Compensate For Axial Strains Induced By Drilling During Overcoring
Ken Mills, Mahdi Zoorabadi, Jesse Puller

Suggestions, Methods And Examples Of Monitoring Of Rock Structures And Excavations Of Rocks Mass
Evandro Moraes da Gama, Germano Pereira Matias

In Situ Stress Model For The Cuiaba Gold Mine: A Case Study In Anisotropic And Folded Rockmass
Isabela Tropia, Rodrigo Figueiredo

Application Of The Inverse Problem To Stress Measurement Interpretation In Anisotropic Rock
Robert Corthésy, Maria Helena Leite, Caroline Vézina, Amélie C. Ouellette

Natural Shear Stresses In Rock Masses: Example Of The Campbell-Red Lake Gold Deposit, Superior Province, Ontario, Canada
Denis Labrie, Benoît Dubé

Characterising Stress Dispersion For Stress Variability Analysis
Ke Gao, John Harrison

Rock Mass Stress Relief At Shallow Depth Due To Surface Powerhouse Excavation
Karine Champagne, Marco Quirion, Jean-François Noel

Strength, Deformation And Seismic Response Of Olkiluoto Migmatitic Gneiss Under Laboratory True-Triaxial Stress
M.H.B. Nasseri, Mahdi Sehizadeh, Sheng Hua Ye, R. Paul Young, J. William Flynn, Suikkanen Johannes, Topias Siren

Ultrasonic Tomography Of The Excavation Damage Zone At The Onkalo, Nuclear Waste Repository Facility, Finland
Junwei Huang, J. William Flynn, Juan Reyes-Montes, Sanna Mustonen, R.Paul Young, Shawn Maxwell

Stress Changes And Seismicity In The Vincinity Of The 2011 M9.0 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake
YongqIng Zhang, Fu-Ren Xie

A Study On The Feature Of The 2013 Mw6.6 Lushan Earthquake: Insight From Coulomb Stress Calculations
Shoubiao Zhu, Shoubiao Zhu, Shoubiao Zhu

A New Attemp Of Invertiing Tectonic Stress Tensor From Coseismic Displacement Applied To Wenchuan Earthquake
Hongyan Zhang, Furen Xie

3D Numerical Modeling On The Present Tectonic Deformation Field In Tibet Plateau
Lianwang Chen, Zimin Zhan, Yujiang Li

The Present-day Stress State Of The Baoxing Segment Of The Southwestern Longmenshan Fault Zone After The Ms 7 Lushan Earthquake
Chongyuan Zhang, Manlu Wu

Experiment Study Of In-situ Stress Measurements Under Influence Of Different Fracture Medium
Longshou Zhou, Lifeng Ding, Qiliang Guo

Coulomb Stress Change Induced By Reservoir And Its Correlation With Seismicity Through Seismic Relocation
Jiawei Chen, Jieyuan Ning, Kai Tao

Active Fault And Stress Field Along The Xianshuihe Fault Zone: Insights From Numerical Model
Yujiang Li, Lianwang Chen, Shaofeng Liu

The Numerical Simulation Of The China Mainland Geostress Variation Caused By The Ms8.0 Wenchuan
Shuxin Yang, lizhi Lu, luyuan Huang, Wendiao Guo, Rui Yao, Yuanzhong Lu, Zhaoyi Xu

A Recently Research Of The Stress State Of South-east Tibet Plateau By Hydraulic Fracturing Methods
Xiuhong Hu, Qiliang Guo, Junshan Xu, Longshou Zhou, Bing Li

Improvement Of The Traditional Hydraulic Fracturing In-situ Stress Measurement Method
Ce Zhang, Qiliang Guo, Xianjun Wang

Incremental Theory For Acoustoelasticity In Rocks
Jiayong Tian, Ma Hongfei, Dong Tengchao

The Study Of In-situ Stress Repeated Measurements In Active Fault Zone
Qiliang Guo, Meng Guo, Bing Li

A Preliminary Study On The Possible Range Of Stress Magnitude In The Upper Part Of Crust Under Strike-Slip Faulting Regime
Xiaofeng Cui, Huijing Cao, Jiawei Chen, Wenjie Fan, Hong Li

A Preliminary Study On Relation Characteristic Between The Present Crustal Stress And Earthquakes
Wen Meng, Qunce Chen

Modeling The Non-standard In-situ Loading Paths In 3D Stress Space Through Laboratory Triaxial Experiments
Ivan Janecek, Deepak Amban Mishra
Czech Republic

In-Situ Stresses And Tampere Rantatunneli Highway Tunnel Project
Aleksis Lehtonen, Sami Ylönen

Pyhäsalmi Mine -- A History Of Rock Stresses, Ground Movements And Ground Control Management
Katja Sahala

Correlation Of Theoretical And Measured Excavation Damage Zone Values In Crystalline Rock
Tomi Kouvonen, Pekka Kantia, Sanna Mustonen

Determination Of Joint Mechanical Parameters For Stability Analysis In Low Stress Open Pit Mines
Daniil Iakovlev, Joni Sirkiä, Pauliina Kallio, Lauri Uotinen

Stress-Geology Interaction Modelling At Olkiluoto
Jouni Valli, Matti Hakala, Topias Siren

Thermally Induced Rock Stress Increment And Rock Reinforcement Response
Jesse Ström, Matti Hakala, Johannes Suikkanen, Topias Siren, Lauri Uotinen, Guido Nuijten

Going Deeper In Kemi Mine
Harri Kuula, Mikko Lamberg, Marko Matinlassi

Tunneling At Difficult Conditions Caused By Rock Stress In Kemi Mine
Pauli Syrjänen, Risto-Matti Toivanen, Marko Matinlassi, Jari Näsi, Mikko Lamberg

Evaluation Of Induced Seismicity Risk In The Pyhäsalmi Mine
Mateusz Janiszewski, Mikael Rinne

PISARA Project Case Study: Stress Analysis Of Thin Rock Cover Of Planned Underground Train Station In Helsinki, Finland
Jari Heikkilä, Pasi Kolomainen, Toivo Wanne, Matti Hakala

In-Situ Stresses And Large Near-surface Parking Cavern In Tampere
Aleksis Lehtonen, Erik Johansson

Methods To Study, Model And Confirm The Existence Of Stress-Induced Excavation Damage Zone
Johannes Suikkanen, Noora Koittola, Topias Siren

Stress State Change Monitoring Using Displacement Change Measurements
Frans Ritala, Lauri Uotinen, Topias Siren

Stress Estimation In Reservoirs By A Stochastic Inverse Approach
Antoine Mazuyer, Richard Giot, Paul Cupillard, Marianne Conin, Pierre Thore

A Non-tectonic Origin For The Present Day Stress Field In The Sedimentay Paris Basin
Francois Cornet, Vincent Magnenet

Evaluation Of Ground Reaction And Convergence Relative To Possibility Of Entrapment For Shielded Tunnel Boring Machines
Rohola Hasanpour, Jürgen Schmitt

Numerical Modeling Of Earthquake And Pre-existing Discrete Fracture Responses With Application To The Safety Assessment Of The Potential Swedish Repository For Spent Nuclear Fuel At Forsmark
Jeoung Seok Yoon, Ove Stephansson, Arno Zang, Ki-Bok Min, Flavio Lanaro

Kaiser Effect Study In Rock Physics
Sunjay Sunjay, Banerjee Manas

Shear Behaviour Of Infilled Joint Under Cyclic Loads And Cns Boundary Condition
Seyed Mohammad Mahdi Niktabar, K.seshagiri Rao, Amit Kumar Shrivastava

Hydraulic Fracturing Stress Measurements In Fractured Rock Mass At A Hydroelectric Project
Subrahmanyam DS, Shyam G, Vamshidhar K, Shankar Vikram

Hydro-Fracturing Test In Sandstone Rock Mass: A Case Study From Himalayas
Ramana Dr G.V., dev Hari, pathak shashank, Mishra K.K

Review of Hyadraulic Fracturing tests case study of Azad pumped-storage power plant
Mohsen Abbaszadeh, Mahmod Behnia, Ali Alianvari, Mohammad Reza Shahverdiloo

Laboratory Verification And Calibration Experiments For Stress Measurement Of Unconsolidated Formations By Anelastic Strain Recovery Method
Yu Nagano, Weiren Lin

Development Of The Deep Rock Stress Tester, DRST
Takatoshi Ito, Toshinori Nayuki, Kazumasa Kato, Akio Funato, Takashi Satoh, Yuichi Kitagawa, Harumi Kato

New Hydraulic Fracturing System For In-situ Stress Measurement By Using High Stiffness Mechanism
Tatsuya Yokoyama, Koji Ogawa

Periodic Measurement Of In-situ Rock Stress At Shallow Depth In The Vicinity Of The Epicenter Before And After The 2011 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake
Kiyotoshi Sakaguchi, Motoki Egawa, Tatsuya Yokoyama

A Case Study Of Stress Measurement By The Core-based Anelastic Strain Recovery Method In A Scientific Drilling Borehole Of Geological Survey Of Japan
Weiren Lin, Tsutomu Kiguchi, Takashi Satoh, Yu Nagano, Yasuto Kuwahara

Application And Integrated Evaluation Of The Compact Conical-Ended Borehole Overcoring Technique In A Fractured Rock
Toshinori Nayuki, Tatsuya Tanaka, Kenichi Ando, Koji Oka, Naoki Nishizaka, Yuichiro Shimoguchi, Hiroshi Ogawa, Kazu Saito, Kiyotoshi Sakaguchi, Masaharu Itamoto

Design And Verification Of Support System For Underground Excavations Under Anisotropic Stress Conditions
Takayuki Motoshima, Tomoo Fujita, Kazuhei Aoyagi, Mitsuyasu Shirase, Makito Nago

Integrated In-situ Stress Estimation By Hydraulic Fracturing And Borehole Observation At EXP-1 Hole In Pohang
Hanna Kim, Ki-Bok Min, Seongho Bae, Ove Stephansson
Korea, Republic of

A Stochastic Approach To The Determination Of In Situ Stress Magnitudes From Sonic Velocity And Breakout Logging Data
Insun Song, Chandong Chang, Hikweon Lee
Korea, Republic of

Constraining Stress States In Nankai Accretionary Wedge, Southwest Japan, To 2 Km Below Seafloor
Chandong Chang, Insun Song
Korea, Republic of

Continued Rock Stress And Displacement Measurements Combined With Numerical Modeling As An Active, Realistic Rock Engineering Tool
Trinh Nghia, Kristin Hilde Holmøy, Trond Larsen, Arne M. Myrvang

Rock Stress Considerations In Underground Mines
Charlie C. Li

Measurement IN SITU Stresses By Method: Detonation Bores (BD)
Miguel Angel Berrocal Mallqui

Estimation Of Rock Mass Deformation Modulus Using The Fracturing Interval Loading
Andrey Patutin, Sergey Serdyukov
Russian Federation

Sedimentary Rock Stress Determination In Boreholes Using Kaiser Effect
Valery Toksarov, Vladimir Asanov, Anton Evseev, Nikolay Beltukov, Artem Udartsev
Russian Federation

Stress Field Assessment For Determining The Long-term Rheology Of A Granite Rock Mass
Bruno Figueiredo, François Cornet, Luís Lamas, José Muralha