Excursion to Kemi Snow Castle

Technical excursion to Kemi Snow Castle on Wednesday, June 19. The bus leaves from Hotel Lasaretti at 8.30 am. Return to Oulu Airport (via Oulu City Center) at 16.00 pm.  

Excursion takes the participants to the Kemi Snow Castle - the SnowExperience365, which welcomes to winter wonderland every day of the year. Amazing snow and ice sculptures decorate the snowy walls in icy surroundings also in summertime.

Since 1996 Kemi Snow Castle have been built every winter, using only snow and ice from sea water as building material. Within the snowy walls, there opens up shining white pathways, leading the visitor to fairytale-like sceneries. Gorgeous snow sculptures, one more beautiful than the other, decorate the Castle walls.

Read more about Kemi Snow Castle here.

Excursion starts at Hotel Lasaretti at 8.30 am. Return to Oulu Airport (via Oulu city centre) at 16.00 pm