Monday June 17

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8.00 Registration opens

9.00 Opening session
Chaired by Riitta Kamula

Welcome by University of Oulu
Coordinator, IACORDS Vice Chair, Riitta Kamula, University of Oulu

Welcome by IACORDS
President Shunji Kanie, Hokkaido University
Founder of ISCORD/IACORDS, Harumi Sasaki


9.30 Keynote 1 
Human health in the changing climate
Adj. Professor Khaled Abass
Arctic Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oulu, Finland

10.00 Keynote 2
Sustainble resource use in a coastal construction
Professor Eun Chul Shin
Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Incheon National University, Republic of Korea


10.30 Coffee and poster exhibition




11.00   Climate Change and Assessment of Its Impact on the Engineering Design Parameters for Infrastructure in Northern Alaska
Prof. Joey Yang (University of Alaska Anchorage)

11.15 Importance of Detailed Soil, Terrain and Geohazard Data for Cold Region Development - How do we get this kind of data?
Mr. Dennis O'Leary (Golder Associates Ltd.,)

11.30 Regional Disaster Management Practice after a Tsunami Disaster
Prof. Masaaki Minami (Iwate University)

11.45 History of Cold Weather Paving in Hokkaido, Japan - a Case of the Development of National Highway Rt.36
Dr. Masato Haraguchi (Hokkaido Development Engineering Center)

12.00 Challenges of Designing Fish Passage Culverts in the Alaskan Arctic Oilfield
Ms. Alexandra Jefferies (PND Engineers, Inc.)



11.00 Case Studies for Traffic Safety Measures in Cold Regions
Prof. Hannele Zubeck (University of Alaska Anchorage)

11.15 Study on Effects of Salt Spreading Decision and Operation Support Tools on Operator Performance
Dr. Roberto Tokunaga (Civil Engineering Research Institute for Cold Region, PWRI)

11.30 Basic Experiment Related to Technology to Detect Surroundings of a Snowplow Using a Millimeter-wave Radar Device under Visibility Hindrance
Mr. Takahiro Shimbo (Civil Engineering Research Institute for Cold Region, PWRI)

11.45 Propose Efficient Snow Removal System of Sapporo by Data Envelopment Analysis
Dr. Kunihiro Kishi (Hokkaido University)

12.00 Business Ecosystem Analysis of a Vehicular Road Weather Information System
Mr. Toni Lusikka (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.,)

12.15 Visibility Estimation Method Based on Images on the Internet
Dr. Yasuhiro Nagata (Hokkaido Development Engineering Center)

12.30 Lunch and poster exhibition




13.30 Sustainable Energy for a Secure and Affordable Energy Supply
Mr. Magnus de Witt (Reykjavik University)

13.45 Scientific and technical justification for the industrial implementation of waterproofing carbamide-formaldehyde-based resin composition
Mr. Timergalei Apasov (Industrial University of Tyumen)

14.00 Application of brine electrolysis process in enhanced oil recovery
Dr. Yahui Zhang (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

14.15 The economy and the environment of the Barents and the Kara Seas: a baseline for offshore Arctic oil spill accident
Victor Pavlov (University of Oulu)



13.30 Experimental Study of Influence factors effect on frost heave
Mr. HYUNWOO JIn (Korea University of Science and Technology)

13.45 Thermal and moisture distribution of subgrade effected by the freezing
Dr. Feng Zhang (Harbin Institute of Technology)

14.00 Comparison of field data and numerical modelling of piles in seasonally freezing soils
Ms. Gulshat Tleulenova (L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University)

14.15 Bearing Capacity of Steel Pile in Clayey Sand Under Freezing Temperature
Prof. eunchul shin (Incheon National University)

14.30 The identification of ice lens growing pattern in freezing soil by image processing method
Dr. Hao Zheng (Hokkaido University)

14.45 Coffee and poster exhibition



15.15 What do engineers need to consider when designing for Arctic?
Prof. Hannele Zubeck (University of Alaska Anchorage)

15.30 Educating Engineers in Greenland
Dr. Pernille Erland Jensen (Tec)

15.45 Strengthening Arctic engineering competences through higher education – the Nordic Master in Cold Climate Engineering
Dr. Gunvor Marie Kirkelund (Technical University of Denmark)

16.00  Science with arctic attitude: Doctoral training in the University of Oulu
Dr. Riitta Kamula (University of Oulu)



15.15 Elastoplastic Modeling of Well Casing Subsidence in Thawing Permafrost
Prof. Joey Yang (University of Alaska Anchorage)

15.30 Study on the Permeability of Unfrozen Part of Soils in Artificial Ground Freezing
Dr. Go HIROSE (Okumura Engineering Corporation)

15.45 Study on the unfrozen water content to understand the engineering properties of saturated fine-grained soils
Mr. Kosuke Tsukamoto (Setsunan University)

16.00 A Paradigm Shift in Permafrost Road Construction Using High-Strength Spray-on Foam in the Upper Layer of Gravel Embankments
Dr. Torsten Mayrberger (PND Engineers, Inc.)

16.15 Poster Session and exhibition

19.00 Reception