Tuesday June 18

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8.00 Registration opens

9.00 Keynote 3
Polar animals and plants in a warming world

Emeritus Fellow Andrew Clark
British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, England


9.30 Keynote 4 
Challengies in Arctic Engineering

Professor Hannele K. Zubeck
University of Alaska Anchorage, Anchorage, USA


10.00 Keynote 5
Arctic marine sustainability: A wicked problem

Eva Pongrácz
University of Oulu, Finland

10.30 Coffee and poster exhibition




11.00 Experiment to Reduce the Frost-heaving of Slope Surfaces Using Vegetation Base
Dr. Atsuko Sato (Civil Engineering Research Institute for Cold Region)

11.15 Biological Activated Carbon filtration in contaminated water treatment using two activated carbons at Casey Station, Antarctica
Mr. Jack Churchill (The University of Melbourne)

11.30 Granulated ferrochrome slag's capasity to resist resilient deformations
Mrs. Laura Raerinne (Destia Oy)

11.45 Valorisation of Greenlandic MSWI bottom ash as sand substitute in mortar
Dr. Gunvor Marie Kirkelund (Technical University of Denmark)

12.00 Tasks and Technical Developments toward the Shallow Undergrounding of Utility Lines in Cold Regions
Mr. Keisuke Iwata (Civil Engineering Research Institute for Cold Region, PWRI)

12.15 New Finnish Guideline on Frost Protection
Dr. Seppo Saarelainen (Aalto University/Tmi Roussa)



11.00 Ultimate theoretical span lengths of snow and ice arches and vaults
Mr. Esko Järvenpää (University of Oulu, WSP Finland)

11.15 Lessons from a fibre composite building in Antarctica
Mr. Mark Pekin (Australian Antarctic Division)

11.30 How Building Design can Adversely Affect the Impacts of Cold Climate Stack Effect in Tall Buildings?
Mr. Steven Attrill (RWDI)

11.45 Basic Study on Mechanism of Frost Damage to Bricks in Cold Regions
Dr. Dai Nakamura (Kitami Institute of Technology)

12.00 Stress analysis and calculation of pile foundation caused by the lake ice
Prof. JIliang Wang (Heilongjiang Province Academy of Cold Area Building Research)

12.15 Performance of Lead Rubber Bearing Seismically Isolated Bridges in Cold Regions
Dr. Wael Hassan (University of Alaska Anchorage)

12.30 Lunch and poster exhibition



13.30 Surface softening on gravel roads
Mr. Jaakko Nurmi (Destia Oy)

13.45 Development of sustainable binder for concreting in the arctic region
Dr. Katja Ohenoja (University of Oulu)

14.00 Formation mechanism of spontaneous corrugation on road surface due to moving vehicles
Prof. Shunji Kanie (Hokkaido University)

14.15 PEHKO project - implementing ROADEX recommendations for rural road asset management in Finland
Dr. Timo Saarenketo (Roadscanners Oy)


13.30 Wintertime slip injuries compared to weather
Ms. Marjo Hippi (Finnish Meteorological Institute)

13.45 Efforts to forecast icy road surface slipperiness levels in winter in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan 
Mr. Fumiyoshi Kawamura (Japan Weather Association)

14.00 A Study on Evaluation Method of Fall Over Risk in Winter Walkway Using Smartphones
Dr. Akira Saida (Civil Engineering Research Institute for Cold Region)

14.15 Inbound Tourism Development in Cold Regions-a case of Hokkaido, Japan
Ms. Ayami Saga (Hokkaido Development Engineering Center)

14.30 Coffee


15.00 Closing session

Keynote 6
Sustainable Road Asset Management


Announcement of ISCORD 2022


15.45 Self-Guided walk tour


19.00 Dinner
Bus transportation from the venue at 18.30