Bridge Damage Caused by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake

Dr. Kazuhiko Kawashima, Japan
Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo

Prof. Kawashima received his BE, ME and Ph. D in civil engineering from Nagoya University, Japan. After serving for 23 years in the Public Works Research Institute of Japanese Ministry of Construction, he joined the Tokyo Institute of Technology as a Professor of the Department of Civil Engineering in 1995. His research interest is directed to bridge seismic safety including seismic response, ductility capacity of columns and piers, seismic response control, and seismic evaluation and retrofit. He is the receipt of several honors and awards, including the JSCE Tanaka Award, JSCE Yoshida Award and the Minister of Construction's Award for Outstanding Leadership for Technical Development. He authored and co-authored over 400 technical papers on ground motion, structural response, ductility capacity, and passive and semi-active control of bridges. He is a member of the Panel on Wind and Seismic Effects, UJNR, the Science Council of Japan, Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering, Japan Society of Civil Engineers, American Society of Civil Engineers and US Earthquake Engineering Research Institute. He is representative of Japan for International Association for Earthquake Engineering, and currently President, Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering. He is an associate editor of Journal of Earthquake Engineering.