Avoiding Structural Failures in Construction

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Predrag Popovich, USA
President of IABSE

Pete Popovic’s fields of expertise are the design, assessment and repairs of bridges and buildings. He has in particular expertise in assessment and repair of concrete structures and of fatigue damage in steel bridges, and exterior facades of high-rise buildings. During the first 10 years of practice, he participated in structural design of major steel bridges and rapid transit systems in Chicago, New York and Atlanta, USA. He was engaged in the design of post-tensioned box girder bridges in Kuwait. Over the last 30 years, he has evaluated and designed repairs for over 1500 structures. Major projects included assessment of steel bridges for fatigue damage, investigation of collapses of bridges and buildings, assessment and design of repairs for exterior facades of high-rise buildings up to 60-stories tall, and assessment and repair of over 100 parking structures. Pete act as vice president and senior principal Wiss, Janney, Elstener Associates, Inc., USA.

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