Lean Construction in Public Sector Conference LIPS 2012

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Tampere Hall

Address: Yliopistonkatu 55, FI-33100 Tampere

Tampere Hall is Scandinavia’s largest Congress and Concert Centre. It is within easy walking distance of the city centre and all the various attractions there.


  • From Pirkkala airport - 18 km
  • From Tampere railway station - 1 km (15 min walk)
  • From Sokos Hotel Villa (conference hotel) - 200 m (2 min walk)

City of Tampere

Tampere is easily accessible. It is located in Southern Finland, 175 km north of Helsinki. There are excellent flight connections to Finland and Tampere from all parts of the world. Tampere has an international airport in Pirkkala.

How to get to Tampere?

If you arrive Finland at Helsinki-Vantaa airport, there are also frequent bus connections to Tampere. The journey time is about 2,5 hrs and one-way ticket is about 27 eur. The other option is to take bus nr. 61 to Tikkurila railway station and a train to Tampere from there. The journey time by train is about 75-90 min and one-way ticket is about 32-39 eur.