Finnish Tunnelling Association

  • The Finnish Tunnelling Association was founded in 1974. Since then, its fundamental purpose has been to promote the science and technology of underground construction both in Finland and internationally. The Association also provides general recommendations for tunnelling investigations, design, engineering and applications.

Finnish Association of Civil Engineers RIL

  • Founded in 1934, the Finnish Association of Civil Engineers (RIL) represents almost 6,000 civil engineering professionals in Finland. RIL’s vision is to be an comprehensive network of recognised professionals of the built environment as well as a significant opinion leader in society.

Scientific Committee:

  • Chair: Prof. Pekka Särkkä
  • Vice Chair: Adj. Prof. Pasi Tolppanen
  • Dr. Juha Antikainen
  • Lic.Tech. Jukka Pöllä
  • Prof. Mikael Rinne
  • Dr. Ilkka Satola
  • Mr. Pekka Ihalainen
  • Prof. Håkan Stille, Sweden
  • Mr. Søren Degn Eskesen, Denmark
  • Prof. Steinar Roald, Norway
  • Mr. Eivind Grøv, Norway
  • Prof. Ove Stephansson, Germany

Organising committee:

  • Ms. Helena Soimakallio, Chair 
  • Mr. Harri Tanska
  • Mr. Pekka Särkkä
  • Mr. Jouko Ritola 
  • Mr. Bjarne Liljestrand
  • Mr. Janne Lehto
  • Mr. Erik Johansson 
  • Ms. Anu Karvonen
  • Mr. Ville Raasakka