Artificial intelligence is a much-hyped technology, but there are only a handful of real-life implementations in construction. Sweco is one of the first in the world to showcase the use of machine learning in structural design.

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WDBE 2018 Keynote Speaker in the Spotlight!

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All major car manufacturers are committed to making hybrids and 100 % electric vehicles (EVs). Consequently, a growing number of drivers will need sockets to charge their vehicles. Echargie solves this problem by turning any power socket into a smart...

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On 11-12 September 2018 the World Summit on Digital Built Environment WDBE 2018 will showcase a unique portfolio of ideas, projects and businesses from the digital forefront of design, construction, property and real estate.

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Kimmo Tiilikainen

Minister of the Environment, Energy and Housing, Finland

Lene Espersen

Managing Director, Danish Association of Architectural Firms, Denmark

Forest Flager

Systems Engineering and Optimization, Katerra, USA

Kari Kauniskangas


Brett Young

CEO & Founder of BuildingSP, USA

Torben Klitgaard

Director, BLOXHUB, Denmark

Paul Doherty

President & CEO, TDG (The Digit Group), USA

Jussi Aho

CEO, Fira Ltd.

Kjetil Tonning

President Elect, European Construction Industry Federation FIEC, Norway

Andrew Watts

CEO, Newtecnic, UK