Excursion A: 
Tripla site

Bus leaves on Thursday at 08.30 am at Finlandia Hall's park side. Return to same point at around 11.30 am.

Central Pasila will be one of the biggest and most important development projects in Helsinki over the coming years. Tripla, the heart of the new Pasila, will link both East and West Pasila and the planned high-rises on its south side to the new residential area on its north side.

Tripla will be a three-block complex that includes a shopping centre, a parking garage, public transportation hub, housing, hotels and offices. The total area will be an impressive 183,000 floor square meters. Tripla will be completed in stages during 2019–2020.

Upon its completion, Tripla will offer around nearly 400 new apartments and 7,000 jobs. But there’s more building going on in Central Pasila, too. The Rail Yard Quarters, which is an area built to the north of Tripla, will create 3,000 homes and 1,000 new jobs. To the south, 8-10 skyscrapers will include new residences and office space. In the year 2040, Central Pasila will be home to a total of 5,000 new residents and 13,000 new jobs.

Read more about Tripla here.



Excursion B:
Aalto University Campus & Real Estate

Bus leaves on Thursday at 08.30 am at Finlandia Hall's park side. Return to same point at around 12.00 am.


Aalto University campus is a meeting place for the university, its partners and people living in the area. Aalto CRE maintains, develops and rents out Aalto University facilities in Otaniemi and Töölö. It also builds new concepts and shared facilities for parties outside the university, thus turning Otaniemi into a unique partnership centre and the most inspiring campus in the world.

Right now there's truly a lot going on. The New building Väre and shopping centre A Bloc will be opened by the beginning of the autumn term. The Väre building will be used by the Aalto University School of Arts and Design and it will also contain the new shopping centre A Bloc and its commercial services. The total floor area of the building will be approximately 33 000 gross square metres. Located in the heart of the campus in the junction of public transport, A Bloc will be a natural place for encounters offering café and restaurant services, shops and a new fitness center for the users and visitors of the campus.

In addition to projects completed only weeks ago and several under construction, you'll get a unique glimpse to the legacy of the world-renown architect Alvar Aalto. We can assure you it's not dusty, nor empty spaces like in classic architecture photography - the new students will be all around us!

Read more about ACRE here.