Boosting the Hub Network: Workshop for Developing Collaboration between the Built Environment Hubs Worldwide

Time: 12:45 - 14:15
Venue: Aurora Hall
Moderators: Rita Lavikka and Antero Hirvensalo (Synecon Ltd.)

Innovation Hubs are emerging in different countries in the world. Hubs help companies to create new business around digital services, spread technological innovations, and develop an entrepreneurial mindset and skills of the Hub members. 
A big question for local Innovation Hubs is, how they could provide even more value to their members and gain more momentum by collaborating globally?  Welcome to the workshop to find new ways of going global by boosting the network of Built Environment Hubs!

In the 90-min workshop we will:

  • Get to know each other
  • Hear examples of collaboration possibilities like global exchange programs, joint accelerators, hacks, joint marketing etc.
  • Agree on the next steps for collaboration 

The workshop is organized in collaboration by Synecon Ltd. and KIRA-InnoHub in Finland. 

Global collaboration is emerging among the following Innovation Hubs in the architecture, engineering and construction sector:

BCA Academy Singapore (https://www.bcaa.edu.sg), BLOXHUB in Denmark (http://bloxhub.org), 
Digital Fabrication Network in the US (http://dfabnet.org), 
American Steel Studios in Oakland (https://localwiki.org/oakland/American_Steel_Studios), 
Process Innovation Forum (https://www.thepif.org/), 
EMPA NEST (https://www.empa.ch/web/nest) in Zürich 
AEC Hackathon community (http://aechackathon.com). 
KIRA-InnoHub, Finland 

In addition to these countries, Sweden, Estonia, Scotland, UK, Germany, and China are planning to launch their Innovation Hubs.  


Digitalizing and automating the management of service providers and supply chains

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Roadmap to Platform Business

Time: 13:15 - 14:30
Venue: Aurora Hall
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