In this podcast interview, Brett Young talks about the future of BIM in the AEC industry.

Brett Young is the CEO and Founder of BuildingSP, Inc. This is the second startup for Brett, having previously founded and managed Modulus Consulting, a BIM consulting firm with multimillion-dollar annual revenues. He has a background in the management of large, commercial construction projects from nine years of work at Cahill Contractors, a San Francisco building general contractor. Brett holds a BS in civil and environmental engineering from UC Berkeley.

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Meet Brett at WDBE 2018

Brett is going to give a keynote presentation at World Summit on Digital Built Environment WDBE 2018 in September in Helsinki, Finland. You can also connect with Brett on LinkedIn.


About BuildingSP

BuildingSP is a premier developer of Autodesk add-ons, API tools, and automation programming.

In his blog post titled Next-Gen BIM Workflows: Project Virga & Data-Driven BIM Tools, Brett describes their the next-gen BIM coordination environment. The attached video demonstrates the concept using the Unity platform.


Text: Aarni Heiskanen, AEC Partners
Image: Courtesy of BuildingSP

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