Challenge 4 - How to visualize cost differences for optional infra project alternatives


Description of the challenge

Infra projects are being designed more and more as BIM-based, i.e. we are getting rather easily 2D/3D-based instances of the different alignment or execution options.

Cost awareness is growing also in the infra industry domain and there are standardized ways to collect, store and share cost data of past projects. This data can be reused as averages for future projects and estimations. Now, it’s quite a fresh idea to combine these two data sources.

The challenge is to combine 2D/3D alignment data with costs and show the differences visually between different execution options in an easily understandable way. There may be natural obstacles like lakes, hills, soil conditions, existing networks, or other built-up areas affecting the costs. The alignment itself includes typically cuts and fills which can be visualized.  You may think of an average citizen as the end-user to whom you are presenting the different project options. The key focus of the challenge is to find new fresh ideas for illustrating cost differences.

There are ready-made data sets available both for alignment options and costs related to those. Also, GIS data will be available.


Anni Heilala
I work as a software specialist in Civilpoint and my work tasks include BIM and infrastructure in many different ways. I am part of our support team and guiding our customers in questions related to software like Novapoint/Quadri and Infrastructure Cost Management System (Ihku). I have done my thesis about the BIM-based cost calculation in the field of infrastructure so I am happy to help you with every questions related to our challenge.

Mirva Kallio
I work as a software specialist and project manager at Assetpoint Oy. My background is as a road and traffic planner, and I became interested in BIM in 2013. Since then, I have worked on various BIM-based infrastructure projects. For the past 2.5 years, I have been working closely on infrastructure cost management and cost accounting. And today I work as a service manager in an infrastructure cost management system (Ihku) alliance project.

Jani Laukkanen
I am an environmental engineer (B. Eng.) working as Software Specialist in Civilpoint Oy, where I help infrastructure designers to use design and data management tools efficiently. In Civilpoint I`m involved in software development as a product manager. What comes to Open BIM concept I have expertise in BIM processes and open formats. I also have experience from water supply industry and this is one of my core competences. I also have experience from standardization work in buildingSMART Finland. Will be happy to help you with the challenge!

Sanna Makkonen

I am a geoinformatics expert and enthusiast working as a project manager at Assetpoint Oy. Past ~5 years I have been involved with data (mostly GIS, SQL databases and other structured data sources like JSON, CSV) management related to infrastructure and building information. I can help you with questions related to GIS and other data especially from analytics viewpoint.