Challenge 7 - How to subjectively assess the degree of completion of infrastructural design project and how to describe it visually as part of a Project Awareness Report?


Description of the challenge

Infrastructure owners are more and more interested about how the infrastructural projects are executed more efficiently and transparently. Customers should have a straight access to observe the stage and progress of the project.  In order to serve our customers better we need to have more accurate and databased information about the situation and progress of infrastructural design project.  

For this need visual project awareness reports are increasing their popularity in construction projects and design projects worldwide. In those reports the situation of project’s schedules, degree of completion and cost are compared to targets and predictions. Currently in project’s design phase the degree of completion and the realization of the schedule is based on subjective assessments of designers themselves and hour reports provided to the customer.

We challenge the participants to create a better and more transparent solution on how to provide, build and visualize real time data of the project for the customer and project management to observe the degree of completion of the project and to take actions accordingly. 

We provide the participants with background knowledge and common practices about design projects management and monitoring.



Tomi Lindgren, Sweco

Mikko Myllymäki, Sweco

Eija Prittinen, Sweco
I work as development manager at Sweco. I have almost 10 years’ experience from railway infrastructure design, construction and maintenance. Last years I have mainly worked with development and innovations on infrastructure discipline. I’m passionate to solve all kind of problems according to our daily work at design projects and wired entities according for example information management, sustainable development and cultural changes.