Challenge 1 - Last call for climate! Designing carbon neutral infra

How to minimize carbon footprint or compare impacts of different infra design solutions.


Description of the challenge


In recent years, we have seen governments, cities and international organizations such as the EU and United Nations declare ambitious plans for emission reduction and carbon neutrality. This puts a significant pressure for the construction industry to reduce its CO2 emissions remarkably in the coming years. We, as the industry, can tackle this challenge by enhancing our processes and developing innovative products, designs and services that reduce emissions.

One key problem is that in the early phase of the construction planning process there is usually limited amount of data available. Nevertheless, decisions that have the biggest impact on the environment, such as the construction design and material selections, are made in very early stages of the design process.

The challenge is to find out what data is needed to compare the impacts of different design solutions. 

  • How to calculate the projects CO2 emissions in the design phase and illustrate the results visually?

Teams can also propose beneficial software integrations for the process.

It is important to notice in the hackathon challenge that efficient mass and material surplus management plays a crucial role in decreasing CO2 emissions. We can benefit from material side streams produced by infrastructure construction business.

  • How to illustrate the impact of efficient surplus mass/material management on CO2 emissions through early-phase emission calculation? 
  • What are other components affecting positively for decreasing of CO2 emissions? 




Johanna Arola
Development Manager, Infrastructure Projects
YIT Suomi Oy

Video regarding the challenge