Challenge 6 - Minimizing disturbance of infra work sites in city environments 


Description of the challenge

The mayor of Helsinki has demanded on minimizing the disturbance of the work sites in the city environments. The work sites are affecting the daily life of many stakeholders in the city: car drivers, public transport users, pedestrians, cyclists and cargo vehicles, sometimes for a long period of time.

The aim of this challenge is to find out the methods to reduce the harm by developing the design, construction phases and further also the whole process. How could the real-time information improve the situation? Could the different stakeholders produce and share data themselves? Are there new ways to reach these people and share the information? The focus of this challenge is in existing built environment (not in a green field development). 

Important factors are the wide use of open data, usage of artificial intelligence, creation of real time snapshots of disturbances of constructions sites to the pedestrians, cyclists and drivers as well as personal recommendations for dwellers which will minimize the disturbance of work site.


Olli Haveri, WSP 
Jussi Borgenström, WSP
Jyrki Paavilainen, Helsingin kaupunki


Video regarding the challenge