Tuesday, September 24

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Session Chaired by Mr. Janne Saarikko
Venue: Congress Hall

8.45 Opening words

9.00 Keynote 1
Defragmenting the construction industry with a digital platform
Jaan Saar, Head of Digital Construction, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Estonia

9.15 Keynote 2
Gardeners in the City of the Future
Eric Baczuk, User Experience Lead, Google / Sidewalk Labs, USA

9.45 Keynote 3
Why it's time to start using that data you have been collecting
Toni Luhti, Chief Executive Officer, Platform of Trust, Finland

10.15 Break


10.30 Parallel sessions


10.30 Workshop: PropTech Fund - Nordic focused built environment tech fund, is it possible?
Mr. Mikael Långström (PropTech Finland)
Venue: Karuselli


Session Cahired by Mr. Andrew Brahney (Ramboll Singapore)
Venue: Congress Hall

10.30 UX in the Built Environment 
Mr. Andrew Brahney (Ramboll Singapore)

10.45 Urban Sense - Designing urban user experience 
Dr. Eelis Rytkönen (NCC) 

11.00 Knowledge Management between Designers' Expertise and End-users' Experience in the Digital Ecosystems Building Process 
Dr. Mervi Himanen (Digital Living International Oy/Relate partnership)

11.15 What do knowledge workers expect from business campuses? 
Dr. Marja Turunen (University of Turku)


Session Chaired by Mr. Janne Liuttu (Ramboll)
Venue: Sirkus

10.30 Information age in the AEC Industry
Mr. Ricardo Farinha (Sweco)

10.45 The importance of Human Thinking in the era of Algorithm Aided Structural Engineering
Mr. Eki Lehtimäki (Mörkö Engineering Oy)

11.00 Programming structural engineering process 
Mr. Matias Hirvikoski (A-Insinöörit Oy), Mr. Petteri Karjalainen (A-Insinöörit Oy)

11.15 A Look Into Parametrized Bridge BIM 
Mr. Rasmus Sainmaa (Sweco) 

11.30 Steel Fabrication with BIM 
Mr. Jyri Tuori (Sweco)

11.45 Artificial intelligence and the future of the workforce 
Mr. Janne Liuttu (Ramboll)



Session chaired by Ms. Minna Perähuhta (Ministry of the Environment)
Venue: Siltasaari Hall

10.30 Country report: The Smart Built Environment Strategic Innovation Programme in Sweden
Dr. Amy Olsson (IQ Samhällsbyggnad)

10.45 Country report. Build4.0 in Denmark.
Dr. Mette Glavind (Danish Technological Institute)
11.00 Digital ecosystems: how a public administration can act as a key driver within the digital transformation?
Ms. Giada Malacarne (Fraunhofer Italia research scarl)

11.15 Country Report Finland
Ms. Minna Perähuhta (Ministry of the Environment)


12.00 Lunch, exhibition & networking

12.00 Demo area


13.00 Parallel sessions


13.00 Workshop: Twinning the City (ESRI Finland)
Mr. Ilkka Suojanen (Esri Finland Oy), Mr. Marko Saastamoinen (Esri Finland Oy)
Venue: Karuselli


Session Chaired by Ms. Gulnaz Aksenova (The University of Liverpool)
Venue: Congress Hall

13.00 Orchestrating ecosystem for the industry platform. Empirical investigation of Finnish and Californian construction industries 
Ms. Gulnaz Aksenova (The University of Liverpool)

13.15 Digitalization of Business Management Concepts with Contexts Embedded in Built Environments Across 
the Globe
Mr. Pekka Huovinen (Business Management PJH, Light Entrepreneur with SLP Group Oy/UKKO.fi Service)

13.30 How business ecosystems can learn from nature 
Ms. Niina Kuusanniemi-Abbotts (Biomimita Ltd)

13.45 Living Lab 2.0: Business models for multi-actor research platforms: Case Flavoria 
Prof. Jukka Heikkilä (University of Turku), Mrs. Pauliina Ojansivu (University of Turku)

14.00 Maria 01 Startup Campus - We're Building Europe's Largest Startup Campus
Mr. Mikko Kuusakoski (YIT)

14.15 Greater Helsinki as a platform for innovative digital solutions 
Ms. Sonja Malin (Helsinki Business Hub), Ms. Irma Ylikangas (Helsinki Business Hub)

14.30 PropTech Finland - building an innovation network around real estate and construction innovation 
Ms. Tasha Tolmacheva (PropTech Finland) , Mr. Mikael Långström (PropTech Finland) 


Session Chaired by Mr. Brett Young (BUILDINGSP)
Venue: Sirkus

13.00 Rethinking Advanced Computation for the Built Environment – How Game Engines Support Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in AEC 
Mr. Brett Young (BUILDINGSP) 

13.15 Automated BIM publishing for social media and web sharing
Mr. Juha Alanen (Tridify)

13.30 Plantabib - Next generation plantlife planning for construction and designers 
Mr. Lauri Lemmenlehti (Plehat Oy)

13.45 Unlocking BIM's potential for Portfolio Showcase and O&M 
Mr. Raphael Bausch (Zoan Oy)

14.00 Bygg X: the next disruption for the building industry 
Dr. Nathalie Labonnote (SINTEF AS)

14.15 Flowing data is a faster and smarter way to better indoor conditions 
Mr. Vesa Ilmarinen (Platform of Trust), Mr. Esa Halmetoja (Senate Properties)



Session Chaired by Dr. Wafa Alsakini (Solibri)
Venue: Siltasaari Hall

13.00 User-centric legislation for the built environment 
Mr. Aleksi Lunden (Lexia Attorneys) 

13.15 Building a national 3D-building data repository 
Mr. Joonas Jokela (National Land Survey of Finland)

13.30 ePermitting System - Solution for Code compliance Checking 
Dr. Wafa Alsakini (Solibri) 

13.45 Using BIM to ensure the fire safety of buildings 
Mr. Timo Lehtoviita (Saimaa University of Applied Sciences) 

14.00 CapaCity, an innovative digital tool for capacity management of public service networks
Dr. Emilia Rönkkö (Locia Solutions Oy)

14.15 Spaces as a service - opening up underused resources 
Dr. Vitalija Danivska (Aalto University)

14.30 The economic value of the use spatial data in the built environment in Finland 
Dr. Jaana Mäkelä (Spatineo)


14.45 Coffee, exhibition & networking

14.45 Demo area


15.15 Parallel sessions


15.15 Workshop: Smart Spaces – focusing on the user in the PropTech 4.0 age
Ms. Elisa Rönkä (Siemens - Smart Infrastructure), Mr. Santeri Sillanpää (KONE Corporation)
Venue: Karuselli


Session Chaired by Dr. Renee Puusepp (Creatomus Solutions)
Venue: Congress Hall

15.15 User experience in mass-customised housing 
Dr. Renee Puusepp (Creatomus Solutions)

15.30 The social (digital) citizenship dimension of the district through three key concepts: the shuttle, the home manager and the behavioural contract 
Prof. Lavinia Chiara Tagliabue (University of Brescia) 

15.45 AIDOMUS - AI Living Services 
Dr. David Hästbacka (Tampere University)

16.00 Smart heating of apartment building - defined by residents 
Mr. Janne Heinonen (Enermix Oy)

16.15 Hippa – Wellbeing and better service housing through digitalisation
Mr. Harri Hahkala (Metropolia University of Applied Sciences), Ms. Toini Harra (Metropolia University of Applied Sciences)

16.30 Democratizing the housing market by increasing home ownership in Germany 
Mr. Martti Mela (Asumma Capital)


Session Chaired by Mr. Sami Kalliokoski (Aiforsite Oy)
Venue: Sirkus

15.15 Improving Construction Productivity with IoT data and Artifical Intelligence 
Mr. Sami Kalliokoski (Aiforsite Oy) 

15.30 A New Way to Manage Projects by AINS Group - The new process, command center and VisualLeader portal for digital, visual and virtual project work
Mr. Jyry Kuokkanen (A-Insinöörit Oy), Mr. Jaakko Jauhiainen (A-Insinöörit Oy)

15.45 Digital platform for production system and supply chain management 
Mr. Ari Viitanen (Carinafour)

16.00 A new chapter in the web-based collaborative production planning: Lets get the project started!
Mr. Mark Novinsky (Refine Projects AG), Mr. Stefan Gaa (Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH)

16.15 Correlating BIM and Value Engineering to be Implemented in the Design Phase as a Lean Construction Solution 
Ms. Vibhuti Mistry (Heriot-Watt University)

16.30 How digital task management improves situational awareness in projects. 
Mr. Eelon Lappalainen (Aalto University)

16.45 Jokeri Light Rail - Information Management in Alliance Model 
Ms. Liisa Kemppainen (Sitowise Oy)


Session Chaired by Mr. Aapo Huovila (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd)
Venue: Siltasaari Hall

15.15 How to stop built environment to kill our planet? 
Mr. Aapo Huovila (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd)

15.30 How to build a new urban district - a carbon sink with open and interactive energy system
Mr. Tuomas Vanhanen (Energy Wise Cities project - City of Tampere) 

15.45 How to build a new urban district – carbon smart and cost-efficient solutions for buildings and blocks
Mrs. Ann-Sofi Österberg-Aikio (Energy Wise Cities project - City of Turku)

16.00 Virtual Power Plants connecting buildings into the smart infrastructure / CASE Shopping Center Sello
Mr. Jaano Juhmen (Smart Infrastructure, Siemens Osakeyhtiö)

16.15 BIM for energy knowledge management 
Ms. Tarja Mäkeläinen (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd)

16.30 Reuse your building parts: how we could predict the damage before it happens? 
Ms. Katja Rodionova (Sweco Structures / HAMK)

16.45 Financing the built environment of tomorrow sustainably 
Mr. Veikko Eeva (Lumoin Oy)

17.00 Building a carbon negative everyday life
Ms. Katri Kallio-Koski (Compensate), Mr. Niklas Kaskeala (Compensate)

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