Wednesday, September 25

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Session Chaired by Mr. Janne Saarikko
Venue: Congress Hall

9.00 Keynote 4
Driving Successful Digital Transformation in the Public Sector
Martin Bishop, TechBD Manager EMEA, Amazon Web Services, UK

9.30 Keynote 5
Empowering people with inclusive environment
Salla Palos, Director of Transformation Services, Microsoft, USA

10.00 Keynote 6
Urban Innovation Pockets - and their role in enabling innovation for future ecosystems
Lu Ying, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Future Urban Living, China/Finland


10.30 Break


10.45 Parallel sessions


10.45 Workshop: Transparency, collaboration and resilience across the building value chain
Mrs. Julia Ahvenainen (Stora Enso), Mrs. Jutta Menestrina (TRÄ Group)
Venue: Karuselli


Session Chaired by Dr. Marja Turunen (University of Turku)
Venue: Congress Hall

10.45 One step forward, two steps back – development of digital user services 
Dr. Marja Turunen (University of Turku)
11.00 How to make the use of BIM more efficient 
Mr. Heikki Halttula (MAGNET Systems)

11.15 End user perspective to enabling OpenBIM workflows in Finnish Infrastructure Construction 
Mr. Miika Kostamo (Novatron Oy (part of MOBA Group))

11.30 The value of digitalised documentation 
Dr. Taina Eriksson (University of Turku), Mr. Timo Makkonen (Congrid Oy)
11.45 YIT Urban Experience 
Dr. Juha Kostiainen (YIT)



Session Chaired by Mr. Steve Holzer (BIMobject)
Venue: Sirkus

10.45 How technology is transforming retail real estate 
Mr. Markus Porvari (HyperIn Inc.)

11.00 Digital Twins: Does one size fits all..?
Mr. Francisco Forns-Samso (Granlund)

11.15 BIM integration for Optimized Building Energy System Operation and Maintenance 
Mr. Hervé Pruvost (Fraunhofer IIS EAS)

11.30 Digital Building Content as the Currency of the Built Environment 
Mr. Steve Holzer (BIMobject)

11.45 First steps towards a Digital Twin – Spatial Information Management from the Client side
Mr. Karl Fitzpatrick (Auckland Airport Limited)
12.00 As-Built Model in Practice – Cooperation Between Owner and Contractor 
Ms. Hele-Mai Metsal (Port of Tallinn)

12.15 Digital work environment redefines our physical environment
Dr. Ursula Hyrkkänen (Turku University of Applied Sciences)



Session Chaired by Mr. Juha Saarentaus (Geowise Oy)
Venue: Siltasaari Hall

10.45 Geospatial data - from Maps to Digital Twins in Urban Areas 
Mr. Juha Saarentaus (Geowise Oy)
11.00 BIM + GIS: the key ingredients for Digital Twin 
Mr. Jere Metsävuo (Sitowise Oy), Mr. Jarkko Männistö (Sitowise Oy)

11.15 CityGML with BIM: The Building Blocks of Smart City Digital Twin 
Mr. Timo Ruohomaki (Forum Virium Helsinki Oy)

11.30 Smart City Model with BIM visualization 
Mr. Tapio Ahomäki (Trimble Solutions Corporation) 

11.45 Developing interactive city model – a learning process 
Mr. Mauri Huttunen (Saimaa University of Applied Sciences)

12.00 Exploring the pros and cons of using public participation GIS in urban and regional planning practices 
Dr. Maarit Kahila (Mapita Oy) 


12.15 Lunch, exhibition & networking

12.15 Demo area


13.15 Parallel sessions

13.15 Workshop: 5G: new technology revving up the cities 
Juha-Pekka Piuva (Sitowise), Päivi Ahlroos (City of Helsinki), Hannu Tuomisaari (Sitowise)
Venue: Karuselli

Session Chaired by Mr. Teemu Suila (Kojamo Oyj) 
Venue: Congress Hall

13.15 Urban Living as a Service and Innovation platform – Case Kojamo 
Mr. Teemu Suila (Kojamo Oyj) 

13.30 Transformative way to resource use - case TRACTR 
Dr. Anssi Salonen (TRACTR) 
13.45 Sopia empowers the rental housing market with AI 
Mrs. Tea Jarma-Vartiainen (Sopia Oy)

14.00 Gamified Cohousing 
Mr. Pedro Aibeo (Gamified Cohousing Oy)

14.15 Trigoni Helsinki High Rise 
Mr. Aleksa Pesic (YIT)


Session Chaired by Mr. Teemu Nivell (Buildpoint Oy)
Venue: Sirkus

13.15 Intelligent information management for construction industry 
Mr. Teemu Nivell (Buildpoint Oy)
13.30 The Just Transition as a catalyst for increasing the rate of renovation in Europe
Mr. Conor Shaw (Shaw Architectural Solutions)

13.45 Quality is built on common purpose - software approach 
Mr. Timo Makkonen (Congrid Oy)

14.00 IoT for better indoors airquality and living comfort 
Mrs. Merja Taipaleenmäki (Citynomadi)

14.15 Breaking the data barriers between systems - Customer case 
Mr. Timo Makkonen (Congrid Oy), Mr. Otto Alhava (Fira Group Oy)


Session Chaired by Mr. Olli Hakanen (Respace Oy)
Venue: Siltasaari Hall

13.15 Helsinki Stream City and NYC People Flow Master Plan 
Mr. Olli Hakanen (Respace Oy)
13.30 EV Readiness for Every Parking Space 
Heikki Suonsivu (Parking Energy Ltd.) 

13.45 Computer Vision Enables Automated Road Defect Monitoring and Supports Rehabilitation Planning 
Mr. Markus Melander (Vaisala Oyj)

14.00 Using Photogrammetry as a Tool for Asset Monitoring and Management 
Ms. Aimee McCabe (Queen's University Belfast)



14.30 Demo area


Afternoon keynote session
Venue: Congress Hall

15.00 Opening of the afternoon keynote session

15.20 Keynote 7
Learning from Superusers: What to expect in the next year and beyond
Randy Deutsch, AIA, LEED AP

15.45 Keynote 8
Home, communities and games
Shajay Bhooshan, Zaha Hadid Architects, UK

16.10 Keynote 9
What does the wave hitting the construction industry look like?
Ulrik Branner, Board & Executive, LetsBuild (formerly GenieBelt), Denmark

16.35 Keynote 10
Digital Twin – A launchpad to inform the user experience of today’s and tomorrow’s generations
Cristina Savian, Managing director, BE-WISE, UK

17.00 Keynote 11
Open, fair and agile, challenges for public-private partnership
Minna Perähuhta, Ministry of the Environment, Finland

17.15 - 19.00 Buffet and Cocktails

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