World Summit on Digital Built Environment WDBE 2019, 24-25 September!

The built environment, all its value chains and life cycles have opened their doors to digitalization. This will bring major changes to everything we do and get done. It already means drones with cameras taking images interpreted by AI and updated to project model - as well as crowdsourced AR/VR design, automated prefabrication, bricklaying/drilling/welding robots, maintenance sensors.

After decades of CAD and one of BIM, the changes have finally gathered pace. We can imagine new applications for the next year, but beyond that we'll most likely stay constantly surprised of new solutions coming to the marketplace.


Minute programme is published

We have now published the minute programme of the Summit. Summit includes more than 100 presentations / demos / workshops / keynotes from 15 different countries. Printable programme can be downloaded here. 

Visit the website for details!


Join us as an exhibitor / sponsor

Last year WDBE  attracted more than 400 participants all over the globe.
In 2019 we aim to double the number! Our participants are change makers, transformation leaders and champions renewing the whole built environment: land use planning and zoning, design, construction, use and maintenance etc.
...and those who want to learn from the best global solutions and forerunners.

Nearly 50 % of the exhibition is now sold so act now!

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